Here I am, Baby E!

Baby E, only one day old

Baby E, only one day old

I’m here! I was born on January 4, my due date. Mom and dad wanted me to show up sooner, but it was so warm in mom that I didn’t really want to leave. It is so cold on the outside of mom’s tummy. I came out weighing 8.8 pounds and I look pretty darn cute, I mean look at me! I’m pretty tall too, 21.25 inches long.

I keep hearing the adults saying things like pink and cheeks and brown hair. I’m not sure what it all means, but I think they are talking about me and I think the adults think I’m pretty cute and squishy.

Mom and dad must love me a whole lot, they keep kissing me and picking me up when I cry, they even change my diapers when I’m wet. They keep saying I smell good too. I kinda like mom and dad, I think I’ll stick around with them.

-Baby E


The Aubrey resolutions, 2014


So long 2013, hello 2014!

We had a very busy, but very blessed 2013.  This year, 2014, we are eager for what lies in store.

Bryce will continue to be an online psychology student at ASU.

I (Rach) will continue to teach college part-time at HPU.

We look forward to our big family trip to Australia early this year (and promise to post pictures when we return).=)

Rachel’s resolutions:

1) Take more pictures

2) Read more books

3) Spend more time doing things that matter

Bryce’s resolutions:

1) Read  scriptures as a family daily

2) Attend the temple once a month as a family

A very Aubrey New Year's

A very Aubrey New Year’s

Here is how we spent our summer-Part Two

Read part one here….

DeCosta Family Reunion

So after the Jordan’s wedding Bryce and I flew back to Oahu to get ready for another family gathering, DeCosta family reunion on Kauai. Momma G flew over too. The three of us went to Kauai for the reunion weekend, but we also got to do some sightseeing as well since Momma G had never explored Kauai that much. We stopped at some local favorites and even played tourist, driving up Waimea Canyon. Kauai is a beautiful island, it is my favorite of the Hawaiian Islands.

family reunion weekend 1 family reunion weekend 3

The weekend went by too fast, but we were able to spend time with Uncle Cucu, my grandpa’s brother, the only living sibling. Uncle Cucu doesn’t get to Oahu too much, so he insists we come back to Kauai to visit him since we live so close.

Us with Uncle Cucu at the DeCosta family reunion.

Us with Uncle Cucu at the DeCosta family reunion.

The sunset on the west side of Kauai was magnificent.

The sunset on the west side of Kauai was magnificent.

Girl’s Camp 2013

The next big thing that happened this summer was young women’s camp. As the president, it was kinda imperative that I was present at girl’s camp, and as much as I do not like camping, I’m so grateful that we got to spend a week just us girls. Our theme this year was “Girl on Fire,” as in Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen. The girls loved it. We had crafts and skits, and camp food galore. Of course the leaders and I also had a great time also. I’m so grateful for my calling as a youth leader, the girls inspire me constantly and I love them all. I secretly wish we could rewind and go back to girls camp so I can keep them all safe in our little camp ground and not let the evil of the world consume their young spirits. We made some great memories though, and I hope and pray that they will look back on our camp time with fondness one day.

So Long Summer 2013!!

I think it was a terrific summer spent with both family and friends. Summer is over now though. Bryce is back to his online classes and I am back to teaching. It feels good to be back to work after not working all summer and I breathe a sigh of relief now because I feel at ease with how I was able to spend my summer 2013.

Things to look forward to:

3 year anniversary



Here is how we spent our summer-Part One

Summer 2013 Date Night.

Summer 2013 Date Night.

I can’t believe how quickly the summer of 2013 came and went. I’ll be starting the fall semester at HPU (as an instructor) and Bryce will begin his second year at Arizona State Univ (as a student). It’s nice to take this time to reflect on all the fun we had this summer with family and friends.


We got to spend some time in California this summer for Jordan’s nuptials. Prior to getting down to wedding business we were able to spend a little time with our friends. We love the Garretts and since they live in California now, they drove down for the weekend preceding the wedding and we played games, had delicious food compliments of my bestie and got to go to Knott’s Berry Farm theme park together.

It was especially wonderful to see our dear friends the Garretts and go to Knotts Berry Farm with them for the day.

It was especially wonderful to see our dear friends the Garretts and go to Knott’s Berry Farm with them for the day.

The Jaguar ride wasn't too extreme for Parker Garrett
The Jaguar ride wasn’t too extreme for Parker Garrett, who typically doesn’t do roller coasters.

Of course no California trip is complete without a trip to Disneyland!

Yes, it’s true, Disneyland is always a must whenever Bryce and I visit California. Disneyland also goes hand in hand with our dear friends the Art and Zoila. Back in the day, before we were all married, the four of us went to Disneyland on Bryce and my first date. So naturally, we enjoy spending at day at the happiest place on Earth with the couple that has been there from the beginning. Momma G also joined us that day.

We enjoy our Disney trips with the Soto family.

We enjoy our Disney trips with the Soto family.

Photos with the characters is one of my favorite parts of a Disneyland trip.-Rachel

Photos with the characters is one of my favorite parts of a Disneyland trip.-Rachel

Happy birthday Bryce!

We spent the first part of Bryce’s special day at the La Brea Tar pits. Bryce wanted to go see that cause he vaguely  remembered it from his childhood. For lunch we had Five Guys Burgers, they don’t have Five Guys in Hawaii so that was a real treat and worth mentioning in this instance. Momma G spent the day with us and took us to see the space shuttle Endeavour in Los Angeles too as part of Bryce’s birthday celebration.  The space shuttle was at the California Science Center, next to the USC Colosseum. That was a neat thing to witness, as it was the actual vehicle that took men and women into space.  It was a long day but I think Bryce enjoyed seeing and trying new things for his birthday.

The space shuttle Endeavour was built in Passadena and is once again home.

The space shuttle Endeavour was built-in Pasadena and is once again home.

Quite a sight to see, and quite a handsome guy to see it with.

Quite a sight to see, and quite a handsome guy to see it with.

The Jenks’ Wedding

So the main reason for the California trip was to witness my younger sister get sealed to her now husband. My sister asked me to be the matron of honor and I got to wear a stunning dress (she picked it out) and have my hair did (thanks Sara). Bryce was the resident photographer at the reception, which was also at Aunty Agnes’ house just like mine was three years ago (with slight differences of course). It was a lovely time and it was so fun to get dressed up and look fancy for the day. Congrats to the Jenks, who against all odds and opposition, stayed close to one another and to the Lord, and came out victorious.

Mr. and Mrs. Jenks

Mr. and Mrs. Jenks



Just the fabulous brides maids and matron of honor!

Just the fabulous brides maids and matron of honor!

Fun times were had by all on our California trip 2013. I always enjoy going home and look forward to the next time we get to see Momma G, family and friends. Part two of our summer 2013 still to come…

Dear vacation,

We are writing to ask you to hurry and get here soon. Bryce and I need some time away to recharge our batteries. Even though we are only going to Utah, it will still be nice to be away from the cares of our present lives and be somewhat free for the week. No work, no school, no calling,  just being.

It’s not that we are ungrateful for our lives vacation, we couldn’t be more blessed, its just sometimes, life gets too hectic, and we start to feel drained and exhausted. See we have a lot we are responsible for here in our lives, and, well, as much fun as it is living on our island paradise, it’s nice to get a new perspective, the kind that comes from leaving on you, vacation.

Vacation we know that a lot of people are waiting patiently to see  you, just like we are, so we don’t mean to put additional pressure on you, but all we want to ask is to not delay in arriving to us just as soon as you are able. The plane tickets say April 19, we really look forward to it vacation, we really do.

Thanks for all you do vacation, we don’t see you often, but when we do, it’s like no time passed at all.